Tennis String Options Explained

With so many tennis string options available it’s difficult to identify a string which is right for you due to the overwhelming choice. When deciding on a well-suited tennis string it’s important to consider two things.

  1. What string choice will make me a better tennis player? This may seem obvious but it’s important to identify what you are trying to achieve. More power, spin, control or durability?
  2. Which string is most well suited to my body? There’s no point finding a great string if it makes your arm sore each time you play. It’s important to identify a string which will not only enhance playability but also longevity in the game which we love

To make your tennis string choice decision a little easier we have explained each string type below, outlining the benefits and which types of players would be best suited to each string (in our humble opinion).

Multifilament Tennis Strings: The softest and most elasticated string available. Multifilament strings are made up of nylon fibres twisted together which will absorb a lot of the vibration caused when striking a tennis ball, resulting in less impact on your arm and body. For this reason, multifilament strings are perfect for developing juniors and senior tennis players where the prevention of injury is paramount. A multifilament string would also be great for players who tend not to break too many strings.

Characteristics: Soft & Playable Best For: Juniors & Seniors

Polyester Tennis Strings: The complete contrast to multifilament strings. Polyester tennis strings are known for their durable characteristics, resulting in more controlled shots. This is the most popular selection for hard hitters and professional players where durability and control are the deciding factors in the string selection process. It’s also worth mentioning that an athlete’s body will be better equipped to endure the increased amount of impact which a polyester string will produce. Many polyester tennis strings also come in a rough version which will help generate more spin.

Characteristics: Tough & Durable Best For: Big Hitters & Professionals

Hybrid Tennis Strings: A popular choice among recreational and professional tennis players alike. A hybrid tennis string set up refers to using two types of string; one string on the main strings which run vertically through the racket and another string on the cross strings, which run horizontally through the tennis racket. For example, a player may opt for polyester tennis strings on the mains and multifilament tennis strings on the crosses. This set up delivers a combination of durability and playability, power and control. For this reason, a hybrid string set up is used by more than 50% of professional tennis players on the ATP tour.

Characteristics: All Round Best For: Casual & Professionals Players

Synthetic Gut Tennis Strings: An entry level tennis string which is typically the most affordable to produce and usually comes as standard on a tennis racket bought online. Synthetic gut tennis strings can be characterised by an average amount of playability and durability but would be deemed inferior to multifilament or polyester tennis strings. For the casual tennis player, a synthetic gut tennis string would be a good choice and a decent place to begin your tennis string journey.

Characteristics: Entry Level Tennis String Best For: Casual Park Tennis Players

Other Considerations: Once your string choice selection has been decided the next thing to consider is your preferred string tension. A lower tension will generate more power and a higher tension more control. A lower tension will also be kinder on your body as less effort is required to generate power and depth on your shots.

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If considering purchasing a Model 1 tennis racket, we truly believe opting for the custom string and tension set up will benefit your game. All custom string purchases are restrung in the UK using premium strings from the biggest brands in tennis including Wilson, Luxilon & Kirschbaum. Your racket will also be restrung using a Wilson Baiardo which is the same stringing machine which is used at the Australian, French and US Open grand slam tournaments.

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