Introducing the LOVE40 Model 1 Tennis Racket

Designed in the UK and the tennis racket everyone is talking about. Our flagship Model 1 tennis racket focuses on characteristics which help prevent injury without compromising on performance. The lighter frame paired with weight distribution towards the head of the racket allows for effortless racket head speed and power.

The unique racket head shape spanning across 645 centimetres squared / 100 square inches provides a generous sweet spot to encourage players to take control of the point and stay on the front foot throughout the rally. Players can also expect to hit heavier serves as a result of the lighter weight, creating more snap on the serve.

The great thing about the LOVE40 Model 1 tennis racket is that inside the stylish box there are a few complimentary extras which every player needs. A tacky white overgrip, as well as a branded LOVE40 dampener will be awaiting to be equipped to the Model 1 tennis racket. The overgrip is great for players which need to go up by half a grip size.

The Model 1 is also available with a custom string and tension to suit your game. Tennis string options available are polyester, multifilament or a hybrid set up with polyester on the main strings and multifilament on the cross strings. All custom tennis string options are provided by leading brands such as Wilson, Luxilon & Kirschbaum.

We highly recommend this option to get the most out of the Model 1 tennis racket as we fully believe that a player’s string selection is just as important as the racket itself. If you opt for the custom string and tension option, your tennis racket will be restrung in the UK using a state of the art Wilson Baiardo stringing machine which is also the same machine used at professional Grand Slam tennis events.

The Facts
Unstrung Racket Weight: 280 grams. A slightly lighter frame to complement the modern game, allowing players to generate effortless racket head speed.

Racket Head Size: A generous 100 square inches or 645 centimetres squared creates a desirable sweet spot to help keep you on the front foot during points.

String Pattern: A classic string pattern of 16 main strings and 19 cross strings provides the perfect balance of power, control and string longevity.

String Tension: We recommend the Model 1 tennis racket to be strung between 50lbs and 60lbs or 22.5kgs and 27kgs. If you are opting for the custom string and tension option, this can be customised to suit your game.

Balance Point: With a balance point which puts more weight distribution towards the head of the racket to help prevent wrist and arm injuries which can occur when there is too much weight in the handle of the racket.

LOVE40 Model 1 Tennis RacketLOVE40 Model 1 Tennis RacketLOVE40 Model 1 Tennis Racket

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